Qatar Airways Excess Baggage Allowance

Qatar Airways Excess Baggage Allowance

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Qatar Airways Excess Baggage AllowanceQatar Airways Excess Baggage Allowance

Here we are going to give details of Qatar Airways Excess Baggage Allowance. Which are used to get extra baggage allowance whenever your baggage is more than the actual baggage allowance limit. According to Qatar Airlines you can take more than your baggage allowance by paying for excess baggage on, at Qatar Airways offices, ticketing offices, call centres, or when you check in.

Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance

The rates and policies given below are for Qatar Airways only, If you are flying with other airlines i.e code share or partner airlines then the rates apply maybe different.

New excess baggage rate per additional kg (2.2lb) for all routes (except Argentina, Brazil, Canada & the USA).
ToFromPurchasedAfrica*EuropeFar EastAustralia, New Zealand, Japan & KoreaGCC (incl. Qatar), Levant, Iran & Indian subcontinent
Africa*online40 USD40 USD40 USD55 USD25 USD
off-line50 USD50 USD50 USD70 USD30 USD
Europeonline40 USD40 USD40 USD55 USD25 USD
off-line50 USD50 USD50 USD70 USD30 USD
Far Eastonline40 USD40 USD40 USD55 USD25 USD
off-line50 USD50 USD50 USD70 USD30 USD
Australia, New Zealand, Japan & Koreaonline55 USD55 USD55 USD55 USD40 USD
off-line70 USD70 USD70 USD70 USD50 USD
GCC, Levant, Iran & Indian subcontinentonline25 USD25 USD25 USD40 USD12 USD
off-line30 USD30 USD30 USD50 USD15 USD
Qatar**online80 QAR80 QAR80 QAR140 QAR40 QAR
off-line100 QAR100 QAR100 QAR180 QAR50 QAR
Flights to/from Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the USA – Excess baggage rate per piece
PurchasedSubsequent extra pieceOverweight piece – between 23-32kg (50-70lb)***
online200 USD (730 QAR)50 USD (190 QAR)
off-line250 USD (910 QAR)65 USD (240 QAR)

You can buy online excess baggage or tickets from below link

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